Superman Becomes A Pro Wrestler in The Grappler of Steel!

This story opens with a beautiful Splash page. "The Masked Superman will Wrestle All Comers” a throwback to the old carnival days of Catch Wrestling.

To get the story kicked off Superman can’t remember his other identity as Clark Kent. This is because he was hit with an amnesia ray by a spy who plans on posing as Clark Kent while carrying out missions of espionage. Superman with his memory loss then comes across a newspaper article about a missing masked Pro Wrestling Superman and assumes that must be his other identity.

Superman wastes no time to put on the Pro Wrestling mask and find the manager of the Masked Superman. Once in the ring the Masked Superman puts on a show of Super Feats by Chucking a 5 ton safe into the audience.

Superman Throws FiveTon Safe

Then he takes a kids Balloon away from him and pops it with the lasers he can blast out of his eyes. But I’m sure it's ok since he's thinking of getting him another one later.

Superman Pops Kids Ballon

Superman's first match is against a Wrestler going by the name of The Bulldozer.

Superman Takes on Pro Wrestler

As The Bulldozer begins working his half nelson Superman counters with a toe hold.

Superman Toe Hold

This submission causes The Bulldozer to quickly quit.

Superman Pinning

After his match Superman retires to the Masked Superman’s locker room where he is confronted by a number of thugs. These men have all placed bets against the Masked Superman and threaten to kill him unless he throws his next match and takes a loss. Of course the real Superman will have none of that.


Minutes later the real Superman is back in the ring as the Masked Superman. Superman takes on the Terrible Tiger and makes easy work of him. Swinging him around by the tail of his costume and throwing him into the gangsters who wanted the match thrown.

Superman Pro Wrestler

Next Supermantakes on the “Merciless Mauler known as The Killer.” Upon finding out The Killer is also in on throwing the match Superman decides to KILL him by crushing his head with a foot stomp!

Superman Stop Of Death

This surge of violence then triggers Superman’s memory and reminds him that he has a code against killing so he opts for the pin.


As the Man of Steel returns to the locker room of the Masked Superman the thugs are waiting to ambush him for not throwing any of the matches. Bullets are fired and Superman is faced with a major dilemma.


If he allows the bullets to hit him and bounce off his chest it will be clear to everyone in the room that the Masked Superman is a Secret Identity of the Real Superman. Not wanting anyone to figure this out. He comes up with an ingenious and fool proof plan.


He uses his super breath to cool the bullets off quickly as they are traveling towards him


Now that the Bullets are deep frozen they are too brittle and simply shatter when they impact Superman's body.


Because the Thugs didn’t see any of their bullets bounce off of Superman they believe someone slipped their live ammo with blanks. Superman then finds a written note by the Masked Superman explaining how he got the idea to create the wrestler persona of the Masked Superman to honor the real Superman. Revealing to the real Superman that the Masked Superman is not in fact his other identity.


Superman then goes searching for the Masked Superman and finds him shipwrecked on an island also with Amnesia. In order to restore the Masked Superman’s memory Superman picks him up and flies him up to the cruising altitude of an airplane and then drops him.  

Superman Therapy Session

Of course we all know this is one of the most effective means known for treating memory loss and the Shock of the “Death Plunge” restores the Masked Superman’s memory.


The Masked Superman then tries to return the favor and cure Superman’s Amnesia by hitting him over the head with a log. Unfortunately it has no effect on the Man of Steel who still can’t remember anything. So Superman then delivers the Masked Superman back to his manager and the story ends with the Real Superman walking the streets still in search of his other identity.


Strength Monsters Comic Book MadnessThat concludes this installment of Pro Wrestling Comics. I’ll be back next month with another review of a Pro Wrestling Comic Book. In the meantime make sure you download a Complimentary copy of my own personal pro-wrestling comic book Strength Monsters created and written by me by simply putting your name and email in the box below.




Source: Action Comics Feb. No. 372 1969



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