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carnival days of Catch Wrestling

A wrestler who would travel with a Circus and as part of the Athletic or AT show take on any challengers from the audience in a wrestling match. These shows reached their height of popularity from the late 1800s to the 1930s. 

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Catch as Catch Can

A phrase which means; "catch me if you can." A style of wrestling that seems ot have originated in northern England Lancashire. Catch Wrestling allowed the use of submission holds as well as pins to achieve victory in a match.

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Golden Age of American Pro-Wrestling

A huge surge in the popularity of Professional Wrestling beginning in the 1980s and continuing on throughout the decade. Resulting in the expansion of cable television, pay per view events, theatrical characters and the demise of the regional territories replaced by the larger nation wide companies WWF and WCW.

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San Diego Sports Arena

Located in Point Loma and now known as the Valley View Casino Center the San Diego Sports Arena was erected in 1966. With a seating capacity of ten to fifteen thousand it has served as the largest indoor sporting arena in the San Diego area.

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toe hold

A submission hold that applies pressure to the ankle and it's supporting tendons and ligaments commonly used in Catch as Catch Can Wrestling.

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